It’ll Be Fine: A True Story

It'll Be Fine: A True Story

It’ll Be Fine: A True Story

“People say that no one can change the sound of an echo, but that’s not true. The remaining echo of those memories no longer brought a grimace to my face, but rather a smile, the reverberation of them no longer haunting, but purposeful. You want to know how you change the sound of an echo? You change yourself. If you change yourself, then what you hear changes.”

~ Rebecca Rose, It’ll Be Fine

This is my story. It’s a true story. It’s about love, loss, and rebirth. It’s about discovering the woman inside me who knows what she’s truly worth; whose said worth doesn’t come from another human being or an accomplishment. It’s about finally learning how to love myself enough to renounce poisonous people, thoughts, and situations. It’s about finding the person inside me who desires to inspire others by using her God-given gifts, who isn’t afraid to bust it each and every day to manifest her dreams and live the extraordinary life she dared to imagine. It’s about unearthing the vulnerable version of me courageous enough to write and share this remarkably raw and heartfelt story.

It’s also about you. I dare you to find out why 🙂

About the Author

If you really want to know about Rebecca Rose, all you have to do is crack open her book, It’ll Be Fine. Seriously. It’s like dipping deep into her diary. But here’s something for you to chew on in the meantime … Rebecca first discovered her talent for writing in the third grade when she won a literary prize for a story about her cat, Dr. Benny Foo-Foo. Since then, her pets’ names haven’t improved much, but she likes to think her talent for writing has. She now lives with her handsome husband and dog (whom they lovingly refer to as a vicious velociraptor) in the colorful state of Colorado.

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